Hermine Deurloo

New album featuring Steve Gadd


Concertgebouw Jazz Award winner

Lidy Blijdorp

Prix Académie Ravel (France) winner


Five musician friends

nathalia Milstein


Hermine Deurloo & Mike Boddé

Julija Hartig
Dominique Citroen

Dominique Citroen manages musicians in which she believes highly. With Dominique Citroen Management, she initiates new projects, organizes bookings and is always looking for new possibilities and challenges.

It has led to a series of garden concerts, for example due to corona, but she is also increasingly busy shaping her international ambitions. Small and intimate, or grand and compelling; if it suits her clients, Dominique looks for ways to make it work. Thanks to her large network and no-nonsense approach, she has managed to build a thriving practice over the past seven years. With room for the future.


Musicians / artists

Business support for professional musicians,
bookings of concerts and events


Fund raising / subsidy

Advice fund raising
and career management