Committed artists open Parade with Stravinsky in spoken word

The Hague music collective Soundwave Collective and Rotterdam spoken word artist Josimar Gomes open De Parade in The Hague, which will be held from 1 to 6 July. They gave Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat an urban jacket.

The committed artists can therefore be seen and heard twice every evening from 1 to 6 July in the Westbroekpark in The Hague.

History of a soldier
More topical than ever, war is unfortunately of all times. For example, composer Igor Stravinsky drew inspiration from it for his famous 1918 melodrama L’Histoire du Soldat. Soundwave Collective and Gomes made their ‘modern’ Stravinsky in 2020 and poured Stravinsky’s classical music about the soldier who sells his soul to the devil in an urban jacket. Not knowing that the performance is extra touching and appeals to the imagination at the moment. The History of the Soldier tells the ancient story of the soldier who sells his soul to the devil on his way home. Composer Stravinsky wrote the lyrics and music shortly after the First World War. It deals with temptation and disappointment, sharply marked by the composer’s music and modernist style.

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